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“Your tomorrow’s reward depends on your today’s risk management”
- Syed Quaid Ali shah

“True genius resides in the capacity for evaluation of the uncertain, hazardous, and conflicting information”  - Sir Winston Churchill

Apex employees demonstrated exceptional risk management in their previous careers. When the stakes were life and death, they mitigated risks to acceptable levels to complete their mission. The same principles apply in business.


Apex identifies, evaluates, and prioritizes security risks for clients. Apex's comprehensive risk management options include crisis response planning and preparation through table top exercises (TTXs), detailed security assessments with on site physical inspections, personnel interviews, and policy and procedural reviews. 

Apex specailizes in interactive and safe scenario based risk reduction training for personnel. Active threat and workplace violence prevention training, de-escalation verbal engagement training, situational awareness training, and stop the bleed training.  Every company annually should safely train their personnel on those four life saving training sessions. 

Your employees will likely encounter aggressive or potentially violent behavior from clients or others. How will they react without the proper training?  What if an accident happens and there is massive blood loss? The staff needs training to be able to appropriately respond in those encounters, to safeguard themselves and others. 

The above training is vital for forward facing employees to effectively engage and manage volatile individuals. The goal of is to help individuals learn how to defuse tense situations through experiential learning, which is practicing what one learned through realistic and safe scenarios.

Sir Winston Churchill's statue gazing at Big Ben in London

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